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Youth Zone had its small beginning over 10 years ago where a youth club was set up with the desire to meet the needs of young people in the north London area. Since the early years many of those young people have stayed and have become today’s youth leaders themselves.


Youth Zone has now evolved into a youth club with young people from different cultural groups which have become very much part of the infrastructure in our community. The youth club enjoys fun times on youth night with drama, singing and arts and crafts enjoyed by the children. We have also taken the youth on weekend trips to Hastings and day trips to places like London zoo often take place. The youth have also hosted concerts for the community at least once a year.


Over the years Youth Zone has seen a lot of new exciting developments. Two choirs have been set up and there has been an expansion in the area of performing arts, Youth Zone continued to express its appreciation to the local communities through it's continuous Christmas initiative. Food parcels were sent out to those in need in the local community, such as local hospitals, homes for the elderly and homes for the physical handicapped. Items were bought by the youth to go into parcels that would be sent out to orphanages around the world.


Another highlight was a seminar that was set up on drug awareness especially geared for young people, and Hope UK kindly came to share their expertise and knowledge to young people regarding this sensitive area.  We hope the coming years will be more eventful and ambitious where the young people will be encouraged to produce their own film and music album.


One of the Youth Zones most striking features is its continuous loving atmosphere and non judgemental approach. No young person is discriminated in any shape or form irrespective of their gender, cultural, racial or religious beliefs.


For more information please call Beck on 07943 672796 or Dominique on 07545 867014.

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